Don't Just Pursue Engineering When SRM Gives You The Golden Opportunity To Study Liberal Arts 

Admissions start in 2018


We all have our desires to chase and passions to pursue yet it all gets lost in the midst of sticking to a college's curriculum. Hitting the right chord? Even if you are allowed by your parents and society to live your dreams and follow that unconventional path, problems like finance and bearing the expenses of living in another city are bound to occur. Well, one thing is for sure, 2018 holds great job opportunities for you, along with academics and world-class infrastructure, to become an entrepreneur. 

We're talking about SRM's new initiative School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences (SLABS) at their Amaravati campus which will be focusing on promoting critical thinking. The School intends to enable students in developing an analytical mind for addressing the problems faced by today's world and embrace multiple perspectives. 

You can even register for a course while you are still pursuing your engineering. Sounds amazing, right? Let's look at what all SRM SLABS has to offer, where is it located and of course, semester fees. Shall we then: