10 BB Ki Vines Characters That Have Been An Internet Sensation

Which one's your favourite?


In this age of competitive era, where everyone is occupied in their own hustles and struggles, we hardly take out some time for ourselves. In such a stress oriented lifestyle, a giggle of humour surely makes everything feel a bit relaxed. And to get us through the daily hectic, there are a lot of comedians that enjoy presenting their humour to lighten our moods.

Today, on the Internet, many stand-up comedians compel you to laugh with their funniness. Out of all of whom, Bhuvan Bam has gained his love among the netizens and the young community. He gained his popularity among the Indian crowd with his Vines because of the diverse and real characters that relate to us. Coming back from a long tiring day, and just a look at those characters relieves you from that fatigue.

So, let's check out these amazing characters. Also, wait for the surprise in the end.