If It’s Your Childhood Dream To Own A Luxury Car, This Video Is For You!



When we were kids, we used to have very imaginative and unique dreams. No two dreams we had were ever same. Each was bizarre and fun in its own way - whether it was about winning a medal in Olympics or about flying in the outer space in our own rockets. 

Out of all those dreams, one, that we all had dreamed of at some point in our childhood, was to drive in our own luxury car. We begged our parents to buy a glorious toy car, and then "drove" it all around the house making the engine sounds (Drroooommmm) ourselves - all in the hopes that we could drive our own someday. And I bet most of you still have that beautiful toy car somewhere in your house that you drove on the heads of your annoyed family.

But as we grew older, and the cost of the actual cars dawned on us like a ton of bricks, we turned a blind eye to that dream. But what if I tell you that not just any car, but even a luxury car is within your arms' reach? Those skyrocketing prices are not to be afraid of. All you have to do is #DreamKaro Droom Karo.

Don't believe me? Then, see for yourselves, how Bittuji got his dream car just as easily.