The First Female Detective And Some Of Her Secrets That No One Told You About

She has won more than 57 awards.


There may be many private investigators & detectives you get to hear about through fictional stories, but when it comes to reality, there won’t be many you could name, especially in India. You must be aware of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but did you know that even India had a Sherlock of its own? Not kidding, Mrs. Rajani Pandit is India's first female detective, who started working as a spy in 1983 when she herself fully didn't understand the meaning of spy.

She is actually known as the first female detective in India and has been actively running her detective agency for the last 25+ years. The agency is named as Rajani Pandit Detective Services, which is also known as Rajani Investigation Bureau. 

A detective’s job is not easy, they have to go through various difficulties and challenges, every now and then.  As fancy as it sounds, here are the lesser-known facts about the India’s Sherlock Rajani: