These People Were Waiting On A Red Signal When They Saw Something Surprising (Video) 

They were left ashamed!  


Life should have no limits, no boundaries and it should not be driven by any sort of a fear... Sounds apt, right?

What if I tell you that some fears are good, actually life-saving? This hard to digest fact has a deeper meaning and when you go out on your bike fearlessly without having a headgear on, that's when you understand its extensiveness.

Yes, road fatalities in India show some harrowing numbers and when we switch ON the analysis mode, what we find is a very upsetting detail. Data says that during the year 2016 one of every five bike occupants who died in crashes was not wearing a helmet and their total number was 10,135. What is more surprising is that even when wearing a helmet improves the chances of survival of bikers by 42%, ignorance in wearing the same is still prevalent. I say that it's a SHAME for all those who keep their family/friends/relatives' happiness at stake and go out without taking proper safety measures.

Well, a few people decided to teach these careless souls a lesson and this "Helmet Saves" campaign hit the bullseye with this video that is a complete eye-opener.