Hakuna Matata Festival Is Happening! Are you coming? 

A combination of various cultures, art, food & music. All in a bohemian desert.


Rajasthan occupies 10.2 percent of India’s total area. It’s also a favorite holiday spot for tourists. A research by Tourism Ministry of Rajasthan states that December is the most awaited month for tourism in Rajasthan, where the footfall rises to 1.4 million people. If you are an avid traveler or simply like to party, we have got some really exciting news for you. 

Hakuna Matata Festival is all set to begin in Jaisalmer.“Hakuna Matata” originally means “no worries", a word derived from the Swahili language. The festival aims to promote tourism and also create awareness and gathering support for larger causes.This festival offers a complete package of music, food, dance, short-films, shopping, and other camping adventures. You can’t miss out on something so special, combining various cultures, art, food, and music together, all in a bohemian desert. 

The event is founded by the team of some passionate individuals to innovate India’s first Ecological Festival.