A Superb Surprise Is Kept On Your Door And You Have No Clue

Dainik Bhaskar 15 crore readers scheme uses Bhaskar coupons to offer a jeeto 15 crore chance under the Bhaskar contest. If you trust your luck, this is for you!


There was a time when we used to run to grab the newspapers early morning and hunt for the accompanying coupons in them. Phew! Let's not make that a nostalgia! The feeling of unraveling that coupon and filling in one's details is still unmatchable. They always used to be a pleasant surprise, making us feel the butterflies in our bellies. That was simply dear and pretty near to our hearts.

No, let me tell you, this digital world has not and will never be able to compensate for the feeling of tearing open that coupon from the side and scratching it with a coin, to reveal the code or even the prize won.

I get cringy jitters when I am reminded of the fact that it is no longer the same and most things are now conducted digitally. I get a to hear a snarling NO from the inside to be dependent only on my so called 'smartphone' *sarcasm-intended*! To satiate this hunger of feeling the coupons with my fingers, Dainik Bhaskar is back with Bhaskar coupons for us to win prizes worth 15 crore rupees. 

For this, you simply have to grab your copy of the newspaper and find the lucrative Bhaskar coupons in them.