This Powerful Video Raising Questions Against Immoral Policing Is A Must Watch

Is it wrong to hug in public?


It is only once in a blue moon that we see any group of men helping a woman who is being harassed publically and seldom do we hear about somebody providing his immediate service on an accidental site. 


...when a couple decides to use their right to freedom of spending some quality time the way they want, many so-called activists wake up from their sleep and get to the action. The targets of this hypocrite group remain the innocent couples who stay in hotels, walk independently on streets, go to parks and do everything that in no way breaks any law.And if humans will be denied the very basic sense of freedom, how would the same society deal with the sensitive issues like forced marriages?

We see very few mediums/channels raising such questions while these demand a strict take from the society. One such video to make you understand the topic's sensitivity is here and you just can't afford to miss this one.