Politicians, Celebrities, And Now Tech Pundit; Check Out The Surprise SRM Has For You

This time, it's the Father of Indian IT sector!


When it comes to college life at SRM, we all look forward to being a part of those sports events, cultural fests, convocations, and what not; people who have already graduated miss it more often than not. From participating in contests with cut-throat competition to enjoying the fashion show night - an aura of celebration with joyous feelings is something nobody skips on. 

I can go on and on, forever, telling my friends about the amazing experiences. And, when I came to know about SRM events, there's more to all that thrill. When SRM chooses to conduct an event, they make sure that there's more value addition made in a student's life than just sportsman spirit and personality development. 

Wondering what's there? Well, students there get to meet some distinguished personalities from the world of entertainment, science, politics, and technology. Whether it was the Missile Man of India addressing 27,000 students, the Father of Indian IT sector, or the current Prime Minister, they have enlightened students at SRM University through their influential speeches. 

Want to know more about these events, have a look!