7 Reasons To Justify Why You Should Always Print Your Memories

It's all about living in the moment for a lifetime.


As a kid, I remember my father capturing lots of beautiful candid pictures of my mom, my sisters, my grandparents and every delightful moment that he wanted to store for the sake of nostalgia. Most of the pictures were taken when none of us were noticing and dad made sure to make save those moments for us to cherish for life. 

To keep those fond memories with him, he always made sure he captured every moment passing by and got them printed. Those pictures are still hanging on our walls years later. 

But as time went by, cameras lost their essence and smartphones, that even though are the best companions but not as good as what DSLRs were back then and still are, took over. 

I'm writing this blog to make you guys realize that with this crazy pace that technology is moving at, we don't realize what we're losing on, and none of us can deny the fact that things were sure as hell better back in the day than what it really is right now. 

There's not just one but a lot more than only a few reasons to print your memories, and here's why!