This Video About Truck Drivers In India Tells A Story Of Unsung Heroes

Know the value of a Thank You!


When was the last time you expressed gratitude to an unknown person? And we are not talking about the etiquettes here which more often than not, we flaunt at our social do’s and at restaurants (accept it), but genuinely. We are most times running late to get to the office, to a party, or even when it comes to going to bed. In such a scenario, taking time out and thanking someone who helps us be on time gets lost amidst all the commotion and rush. Simply put it also slips our mind many times as we take these services for granted.

Try and remember the days when the bus driver ensured, you reached school on time and safely, or the milkman who gets milk for you and your family whatsoever the season be. There are thousands of such people who never stop helping you, whether it is raining or the sun blazing. 

To salute the spirit of the truck drivers for being there in the year 2017, Tata Motors came up with a series of interviews with the driver community to wish them a very happy New Year 2018.

Drivers around you are one of the few people who happily carry their responsibilities towards the country with smiling faces and provide us with tremendous support. They have a particular zeal for fulfilling the commitment they've made; come hell or high, in sickness and in health. Witness their dedication and get inspired by the following video: