Six Surprising Times When Indians Became Lakhpati Overnight

Serendipity, eh?


So how many of us really believe in luck? Or that we are lucky enough to become a millionaire overnight? We usually do not believe in lotteries and jackpots but as a matter of fact, they do exist and people do win! It's hard to believe this, I know, but when I did my research, I found it quite believable and true.  

Today I'm going to talk about how variegated Indians won lotteries and jackpots via scratch cards or lottery tickets. India is a huge vast country and a lot of times we miss out on what's happening around us. We're all so busy in our competitive lives that we miss out on opportunities to try our luck and we hardly give in to the notion of 'luck'. All we've been taught since childhood is that 'hard work will take you places' and no amount of luck will ever be sufficient if you're not a hard worker.

But today, let me tell you 6 instances wherein Indians won big lotteries and jackpots. This will restore your faith in luck and would provoke you to give it a try!