5 Times Your Friends Proved To Be Always There By Your Side 

To the ones who are everything! 


They say one's a company, two's a crowd and three's a party. And for some odd reason, I preach this as long as I'm surrounded with nonsensical people who bask in the glory of each other's presence. 

From the time when you couldn't stand each other to growing up together to loving each other to dancing away to high glory at each other's weddings, you have definitely come a long way with your friends and none of us can argue with the fact that we absolutely adore our peeps to infinity and beyond and know that they love us back. 

In fact, the love is so intense now that no matter what the situation may be, you always know who your constant go-to people are without giving it a second thought.

So, let me have the privilege to remind you of those times your friends proved themselves to be the ultimate soulmates you will always want by your side!