When You're In A Love-Hate Relationship With Someone, This Is Exactly What Happens!

Because you hate the way you love them.


Destiny has its own funny way of playing cupid. When you start dating someone, the beginning always seems to be too mushy for words but eventually all the excitement, the constant I love you and I miss you smothers with time.

So what really happens when the honeymoon phase comes to an end? Nothing, you just get on with your usual life which is obviously a given. But sometimes one out of the two doesn't really understand that and sometimes it goes both ways, which ignites the fire of a love-hate relationship. Now I'm not saying it's an entirely bad thing to be in a love-hate relationship with someone because to be very truthful, it is only a phase. So remember, it's just a matter of time until everything falls into place.

If you have a love-hate thingy with your potential better half, then here's a little something that nobody would know better than you about what really happens when you're with someone you can't live with or without!